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Mar 20, 2009


Jeg elsker denne sangen! :D

Thank you very much

You are welcome!

Veldig bra jobba Jonas. Keep it coming.

hey where can i get your song empty sheets have loked on i tunes and cant find it...

and by the way that track is so special in the best way :O)

Hi Michael!

Thank you. These days you can find the song on Spotify:


Or, you can email me your address and I will send you a physical copy of the Yatzy Promo CD, which includes Empty Sheets and a few other songs from the movie :)


or okay :O) But the promo cd would be the best thing in the world think that song is so good and when you have seen the movies it matches soo good ? an il will afcuse pay four it :O) so i will e-mail you

hej jonas i have e-mail you my addresse and if you whant some money 4 the cd just say soo....

Hi Michael!

Thank you, I got your address. I'm on vacation right now, but I will send you the CD as soon as I get back home.

You don't need to pay anything :)


Hi I realy love that song but i cant find it enywhere to download, could you help me please?

Hi Jonas, my mail is (henix2995@hotmail.com) realy thank you :)

sorry phenix2995@hotmail.com a litle mistake :D

Hi i send my post to your email :)

Thank you! I have sent you a CD today.

Thank you Jonas i got the cd its awesome! :D

Please, send me a copy of Empty Sheets! I just fell in love with the song when i watched the movie Yatzy.
Thank you!


Rart eg ikkje har oppdaga denne før no... Du fortsetter å forbløffe meg med talentet ditt Jonas:-) Hærleg låt, produksjon og arrangement!

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